October 8, 2016

[Writing Challenge] rainbowfic | Parabellum

RainbowFic is an original fiction community built to encourage writing and act as home base for a community of authors. We provide lists of prompts, sorted by color, and special add-ons of style or content, to spark inspiration.
Check out the prompts here. (I'll eventually be posting them here as tables for my own personal use.) The extras are as follows:


Mixed Media: Make a music mix that pertains to a story, yours or another person's (with their permission!), or an aspect thereof.
Collage: Borrow another person's canon; be sure to ask first!
Interactive Art: Write with another person.
Paint-by-Numbers: Ask another person to pick a color for you and pair specific prompts along with each of the prompts given in the color's list.
Sketch: a sketch
Comic: a comic
Illustration: illustration
Performance Art: Any piece of work you record: a song, spoken word, animation, video of some sort, etc.
Mural: Write a piece that is ten thousand words or more.
Portrait: Write a piece that is between five thousand and nine thousand, nine hundred, ninety-nine words.
Miniature: Write a piece that is one hundred words or less.
Miniature Collection: Write a collection of three or more Miniatures in one piece.
Bichromatic: Write two colors of the same number of prompts together; every piece using a prompt for one color must also use a prompt for the other color. A Bichrome may not also be a Saturation.
Saturation: Write all of one color in one piece, each prompt having one section within the piece to make a coherent whole. You may use one prompt from a different color for a prompt with your Saturation; consider the Saturation covering two of the three prompts otherwise allowed. Two full color lists may be used, as long as prompts from each are matched together, but it is not a Bichrome, and a prompt from a separate list may not also be used in this case. A Saturation does not count as one of your five color lists.
Reimagining: Revisit a previously-done piece.
Tapestry: Match a Style or Supply to a color with twenty or more prompts and use that Style or Supply with every prompt from the color. Paint-by-Numbers and Bichromatic may only be Tapestries if paired with another Style or Supply, excluding one another.
Mosaic: A piece that is a crossover between canons; you may write a crossover with a media source, but this may not be your canon--it must either be AU or a very minor aspect of the main canon, since we're not a fanfic comm.
Graffiti: A specific response to a game run by the mods or a member; games will be hosted in  [community profile] rainbowlounge.
Photography: Use description only in your piece; characters may be present, but no dialogue and no narrative about dialogue.
Stained Glass: Write at least four points of view of the same scene; may be a saturation or a miniature collection.
Fingerpainting: Write something that stretches your limits.
Pointillism: Write at least five one-sentence scenes; this may also be a saturation or a miniature collection.
Retouch: Repeat a color you've done before; this may not also be a Saturation, but it may be a Tapestry or Bichrome.
Sculpture: The opposite of Nubs; take a short existing piece and expand on the events surrounding it. May overlap with Reimaging if you also include the piece itself from a different perspective.


Canvas: Write something that takes place before your story.
Frame: Write something that takes place after your story.
Eraser: Write a piece that takes place in an alternate universe to your story's canon.
Brush: Write a piece using today's Word of the Day from Merriam-Webster.
Acrylic: Write a piece using the current daily prompt.
Watercolors: Write a piece using the current Creative Writing Prompt.
Oils: Write a piece using the current [community profile] dailyprompt.
Stain: Write a piece using today's quote from Quotations Page or the current Daily Deep Quote.
Stickers: Write a piece using the current daily random fact, found on the page footer.
Feathers: Write a piece using an event, birth, or death from ThisDay Trivia.
Fabric: Use the current Kodak Picture of the Day as a prompt.
Modeling Clay: Use the current prompt from 100 Word Challenge; the piece does not need to be limited to one hundred words.
Charcoal: Give your antagonists the spotlight.
Nubs: Write a missing scene from a previously posted piece.
Pastels: Request a table from a community such as [community profile] origfic_bingo[community profile] cottoncandy_bingo, or another Dreamwidth-hosted bingo community where the moderators generate the table and use one of the prompts.
Chalk: Use one of this week's Wired: Science.
Seed Beads: Feature your minor characters; your main characters may make an appearance, but they may not be the focus.
Novelty Beads: Use a prompt earned from a game, challenge, or other posting in [community profile] rainbowlounge.
Yarn: Use today's NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day.
Beading Wire: Use today's National Geographic Picture of the Day.
Glitter: Use a poem from Poem A Day.
Glue: Use today's Huffington Post Horoscope for the current sun sign.

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