October 27, 2016

[Writing Challenge] 5trueloves | Parabellum - Sparrow

The General Rules
The Gist: Choose one character. Choose five out of the above thirty themes. Write about your character five times, using one of the prompts each time--and pair them with a different character in each story!
The Schedule: Fic should be posted once every two months.

Check the challenge out here at livejournal. (But bear in mind that the comm is over ten years old now and no longer active.)

The Themes
1.STD Awareness 2.Sleep 3.Moving 4.80s Music 5.Chocolate
6.Autumn Leaves 7.Procrastination 8.Mistletoe 9.Showers 10.Hypocrisy
11.Surprise! 12.Triangle or Circle 13.Bad Habit 14.Blind 15.Solitude
16.Imprisoned 17.Charity 18.Auction 19.Fate/Destiny 20.Embarrassment
21.Stars 22.Time Machine or Time 23.Heart 24.White or Black or Color 25.Destruction
26.Gone 27.Similarity 28.Secret 29.Words 30.Shadow or Light

Tentative Planning:
Sparrow/Frost - autumn leaves
Sparrow/Simon - procrastination
Sparrow/Galen - heart
Sparrow/Nadia - gone
Sparrow/Loretta - similarity

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