February 13, 2016

[Writing Challenge] 30 Day OC Challenge | Parabellum - Sparrow

Found here. Fill should be one original character.

1. Introduction 2. Job 3. Hobbies 4. Family 5. Friends
6. Guilty Pleasure 7. Casual Outfit 8. Formal Outfit 9. Spirituality 10. Broken Temper
11. Get the Sad Out 12. Argument 13. Fist Fight 14. Injured 15. Anticipation
16. Writer's Choice 17. Pet Peeves 18. Caught in the Rain 19. Relaxation 20. Assistance
21. Symbols 22. In a Bag 23. “I Thought You Knew” 24. “I Thought You Knew We Knew” 25. Tunes
26. A Friend’s Eyes 27. An Enemy’s Glare 28. A Lover’s Eyes 29. Quirks and Habits 30. Writer's Choice

Day One: Introduce your OC to everyone! What’s their name? What species are they?

Day Two: What does your OC do for a living? If they don’t have a job, then what do they usually do?

Day Three: What does your OC enjoy doing when they’re not doing their “job”? How does it differ from their “job”?

Day Four: Does your OC have a family? If not, who do they consider to be family to them, even if they’re not really family?

Day Five: Does your OC have any friends? Do they belong to a friend group? What do they do with their friends?

Day Six: What does your OC like to do that they never tell anyone that they do? Does anyone ever find out?

Day Seven: Give examples of what your OC wears on a normal day, with nothing special planned.

Day Eight: Give an example of something formal your OC has worn/would wear. How often do they wear this outfit? Do they have any others?

Day Nine: Does your OC have a religion? What do they believe happens to people when they die? What superstitions do they have?

Day Ten: Your OC with their anger out of control. How did this happen? Does this happen a lot?

Day Eleven: Your OC is in despair. What would cause them to be like this? How do they express their sadness? Do they cry? Does this happen a lot?

Day Twelve: Your OC gets into an argument with somebody. Is it somebody they know well? Does this happen a lot? Do they get angry or do they remain calm?

Day Thirteen: Your OC is challenged to a fist fight! Who would do this? How would your OC react? If accepted the challenge, who would win? If they declined, how would they get away?

Day Fourteen: Your OC got injured somehow. How did they get injured? How do they handle it? Does anyone help them recover?

Day Fifteen: What makes your OC impatient? What can’t they wait for? Why?

Day Sixteen: Congrats! You’ve made it more than half-way! Draw/write about your OC doing anything.

Day Seventeen: Your OC’s biggest pet peeve. Are they vocal about it? Or do they keep their annoyance to themselves?

Day Eighteen: Your OC gets caught out walking in the rain without an umbrella. How would they react in this situation? Would anyone want to offer your OC an umbrella? Would they accept?

Day Nineteen: What does your OC do to relax after a long day? Do they get to do this often?

Day Twenty: Someone your OC knows needs help. Does your OC help them? What’s their motivation? Kindness? Money? Something else?

Day Twenty-One: Does your OC have any symbols or motifs that go with them? What are they?

Day Twenty-Two: What does your OC carry on them? Is it in a bag? What kind of bag? Do they carry a lot of things or just a few?

Day Twenty-Three: What does your OC think everyone knows about them but nobody actually does? Why would your OC think this?

Day Twenty-Four: What do other characters know about your OC that your OC thought they never knew? How did the other characters find out this information? Was a secret spilled, or is your OC just bad at keeping secrets?

Day Twenty-Five: Your OC is listening to music. What kind of music do they listen to? Do they dance when they listen to it? Bonus: Try to listen to music that reminds you of your OC when doing this prompt.

Day Twenty-Six: How does one of your OC’s friends see your OC? What words would they use to describe them?

Day Twenty-Seven: How does an enemy of your OC see them? What features do they see differently from your OC’s friend?

Day Twenty-Eight: How does someone who’s in love with your OC see them? Do they make it obvious that this is the way that they think of your OC?

Day Twenty-Nine: Does your OC have any quirks or habits? Do they whistle without noticing it? Do they chew their fingernails? Do they realize they’re doing these things? Do they care?

Day Thirty: Congratulations! You’re almost finished with the challenge! Try taking one of the previous prompts and extending it. Or do whatever you want.

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