November 4, 2015

[Writing Challenge] 30 Day Dark OTP Writing Challenge | Parabellum - Sparrow/Frost

Found here.

The Complete List
  1. Vampire/werewolf AU.
  2. Rough sex (biting, scratching, hair-pulling, etc.)
  3. Physical ailments (knife/bullet wounds; illness/fever.)
  4. Forbidden relationship (characters cannot be together and pine from a distance; characters do get together but must always be secretive about it.)
  5. Fears; phobias.
  6. Rituals (up to author’s interpretation: could be a séance, could be a sexual ritual, could be a sexy séance. Whatever strikes your fancy.)
  7. Knifeplay.*
  8. Evil!character(s) AU.
  9. Nightmares; bad dreams; hallucinations.
  10. Victorian Gothic / English Gothic AU (elements of a gothic novel found here.)
  11. Obsession (stalking; possessive behavior; Character A thinks about Character B so much it’s borderline/full-out creepy, etc.)
  12. Urban legends or creepy pastas (i.e. one of your characters is stalked by Slender Man)
  13. Sadism / masochism / pain as an erotic element.
  14. Death fic / grief.
  15. Last kiss / last time your OTP has sex.
  16. It’s The End of The World as We Know It (the villain wins; zombie apocalypse!AU; any kind of terrible, world-ending scenario you can imagine.)
  17. Breathplay.*
  18. Betrayal (to an enemy; by a cheating partner, etc.)
  19. Gags / silence.
  20. Fairy tale-inspired horror.
  21. Negative emotion (A). (Anger, hatred, jealousy, violent impulses.)
  22. Negative emotion (B). (Sadness, missing someone, helplessness.)
  23. Dirty talk.
  24. Fighting / arguing.
  25. Ghosts, hauntings (whether by external source or a dead character.)
  26. Torture.
  27. Bondage / rope play / restraints used during sex.
  28. Doomed relationships (“But this can never work!” ; reflecting on how the situation will eventually end in heartbreak; dating the enemy, etc.)
  29. Darkness / lack of light.
  30. Inspired by classic horror (Dracula, Frankenstein, The Wolf Man, The Curse of the Mummy, etc.)
  31. Cannibalism.
  32. Demons / fallen angels / angels / any mythological equivalent.
  33. Love/hate relationships (emphasis on elements of personality that characters don’t like about each other; “I hate you so much I just want to make out with you!” etc.)
  34. Sensory deprivation.
  35. Lovecraftian Horror.
  36. Orgasm control / denial.
  37. Bad memories (flashbacks, being forced to relive via magic or an in-universe equivalent, etc. )
  38. Domination/submission (sexual or psychological.)
  39. Southern Gothic AU.
  40. Cracky B-movie horror. (Giant crocodiles, giant snakes, sharknados, etc.)
  41. Anonymity during sex.
  42. Inspired by modern horror. (Paranormal Activity, Silent Hill, The Possession, the Saw franchise, etc.)
  43. Bloodplay.*
  44. Mirrors (Dopplegangers; mirror-versions of a character/setting where everything is it’s opposite; mirror ghost games such as Bloody Mary; narcissism, etc.)
  45. Abandoned locations (asylums, hospitals, towns, carnivals, etc.)
My List (and planning*)

  1. Vampire/Werewolf AU | The Circle is a bunch of vampires. The victors are "prized" blood/sex slaves.
  2. Rough Sex
  3. Physical Ailments (wounds/illness) | After the bombing, Sparrow is in critical condition.
  4. Fears/Phobias | After Simon's death, Sparrow and Frost are both terrified of losing the other.
  5. Rituals | Circle as Vampires AU | Frost/Sparrow bonding (not turning) ritual
  6. Knifeplay | Frost finally trusts Sparrow enough to return the most dangerous "toys" to Octavian's gift. It's not the best idea he's ever had.
  7. Evil!Character(s) AU | Dark!Sparrow/Dark!Frost AU (enemies to lovers gets more interesting!)
  8. Nightmares/Hallucinations | Sparrow suffers sleep paralysis.
  9. Obsession (stalking/possessive behavior/etcetera)
  10. Urban Legends or Creepypasta | something to do with that goatman creepypasta, methinks
  11. Sadomasochism
  12. End of the World AU | Zombie Apocalypse AU
  13. Breathplay | There is a very brief moment when Sparrow wholeheartedly intends to kill him.
  14. Gags/silence
  15. Fairy-Tale Inspired Horror | Werewolf AU | Little Red Riding Hood Adaptation
  16. Ghosts/Hauntings
  17. Bondage
  18. Darkness
  19. Inspired by Classic Horror | Dracula-inspired AU; Dracula = Frost, Lucy = Sparrow, Mina = Nadia, Jonathan Harker = Simon, Van Helsing = Idris, Arthur (Lucy's fiance) = Galen, John (Lucy's suitor) = Felix Numerian, Quincey (Lucy's suitor, who dies) = Severin?, the Sisters = Loretta/Suri/Izzy
  20. Demons/Angels
  21. Love/Hate Relationships
  22. Sensory Deprivation
  23. Lovecraftian Horror
  24. Orgasm Denial
  25. Memories/Flashbacks
  26. D/s (sexual or psychological)
  27. Inspired by Modern Horror | Paranormal Activity AU
  28. Bloodplay | Circle as Vampires AU
  29. Mirrors
  30. Abandoned Locations

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