October 26, 2015

[Writing Challenge] Pretentious Perversion 69 | Parabellum

Found here. The gimmick of this one is in the words--they're unusual or archaic terms for sexual practices or phenomena, with a few neutral words thrown in for good measure. (The words have been culled from Depraved and Insulting English, a dictionary by Peter Novobatzky and Ammon Shea.)

The challenge is to write a drabble, fanfic, or even a sentence for each word, although not necessarily in order. The story doesn't necessarily have to use the word (although it can), just be inspired by it.

001. Acokoinonia 002. Agrexophrenia 003. Amychesis 004. Bastinado 005. Bivirist
006. Cacocallia 007. Coprolalia 008. Cyesolagnia 009. Demivierge 010. Dyspareunia
011. Elaterium 012. Epicaricacy 013. Feague 014. Fream 015. Frottage
016. Genicon 017. Gugusse 018. Gunsel 019. Herquitic 020. Hybristophiliac
021. Iatronudia 022. Imparlibidinous 023. Insilarius 024. Ithyphallophobia 025. Jarble
026. Jugulate 027. Kleptolagnia 028. Kordax 029. Legruita 030. Liffy
031. Mageria 032. Meupareunia 033. Micturient 034. Necrosadism 035. Nympholepsy
036. Obsolagnium 037. Omnifutuant 038. Osphresiophilia 039. Paraphiliac 040. Poger
041. Priapism 042. Pronovalent 043. Proxenetism 044. Psychrotic 045. Rectalgia
046. Retifism 047. Retrocopulation 048. Sacofricosis 049. Scopophilia 050. Skimmington
051. Spermatoschesis 052. Spintry 053. Spoffokins 054. Stasivalence 055. Sthenolagnia
056. Strene 057. Synechthry 058. Tarassis 059. Tittery-whoppet 060. Tribadism
061. Troilism 062. Uranian 063. Uxoravalent 064. Uxorovalent 065. Vaginismus
066. Vernalagnia 067. Vetanda 068. Wittold 069. Yaldson

Acokoinonia: Sex without passion.
Agrexophrenia: The inability to perform sexually, for fear of being overheard.
Amychesis: Involuntary scratching of a partner's back during sex.
Bastinado: To beat the soles of the feet with a stick or club.
Bivirist: A woman who enjoys sex with two men at the same time.
Cacocallia: The state of being ugly but still sexually attractive.
Coprolalia: Sexual gratification from indecent language.
Cyesolagnia: Sexual attraction to pregnant women.
Demivierge: A woman who is sexually active or promiscuous while still retaining her virginity.
Dyspareunia: Sex that is extremely difficult, uncomfortable, or painful.
Elaterium: The juice of the Squirting Cucumber (botanical usage).
Epicaricacy: Joy or pleasure at the misfortune of others.
Feague: To insert a live eel or pinch of ginger into the anus of a horse to make it lively. (Can be used figuratively; to cheer up or excite someone through drastic means.)
Fream: To roar in the fashion of a boar in mating season.
Frottage: To rub up against someone else (often a stranger) to achieve sexual release.
Genicon: A partner imagined during sex to facilitate pleasure.
Gugusse: A young homosexual with a penchant for priests.
Gunsel: The orally passive member of a homosexual union, OR a man who is proficient at firearms. (From the nickname "gansel," which means "little goose." Used in "The Maltese Falcon" where it acquired its second usage.)
Herquitic (spelling modernized, originally "hirquiticke"): An adolescent (specifically past fourteen) in the throes of a sexual awakening.
Hybristophiliac: One who becomes sexually aroused from being with a violent criminal.
Ithyphallophobia: The fear of seeing, having, or thinking about an erect penis.
Iatronudia: The pretense of illness in order to be allowed to disrobe in front of a doctor.
Imparlibidinous: Pertaining to an unequal state of desire between two people.
Insilarius: One who deliberately dispenses bad advice.
Jarble: To spatter with something.
Jugulate: To throttle or attack by the neck.
Kleptolagnia: Sexual excitement from stealing.
Kordax: A Dionysian dance to celebrate the phallus.
Legruita: A fine levied for undue familiarity with a woman.
Liffy: To seduce a woman with promises of fidelity, and then desert her.
Mageira: Sublimation of sexual desire through cooking.
Meupareunia: Sexual activity in which only one partner is gratified.
Micturient: Feeling a strong desire to urinate.
Necrosadism: Sexual gratification from the mutilation of dead bodies.
Nympholepsy: An erotic daydream trance. (A person in the thrall of nympholepsy is known as a nympholept.)
Obsolagnium: The fading of sexual desire in old age.
Omnifutuant: Prone to engage in sexual activity with anything.
Osphresiophilia: Sexual excitement from smells.
Paraphiliac: A person addicted to unorthodox or unusual sexual practices.
Poger: A passive, older male homosexual.
Priapism: Constant, painful erection without sexual excitement.
Pronovalent: Only able to achieve sexual satisfaction while lying down.
Proxenetism: Pimping or insistent matchmaking performed by a female.
Psychrotic: Sexually frigid.
Rectalgia: Pain in the rectum.
Retifism: Foot fetishism.
Retrocopulation: Copulation with both partners facing away from each other.
Sacofricosis: Rubbing of the genitals through one's pants pocket.
Scopophilia: Interest in sexual imagery, particularly in lieu of actual sex.
Skimmington: An event in which a cuckold (man whose wife cheats on him) is publicly ridiculed.
Spermatoschesis: The suppression of ejaculation.
Spintry: A male prostitute.
Spoffokins: A prostitute posing as a spouse.
Stasivalence: Only able to achieve sexual satisfaction while standing.
Sthenolagnia: Sexual excitement in a woman resulting from a display of strength or prowess.
Strene: To copulate, said of a dog, or in the fashion of a dog.
Synechthry: The state of living together in enmity.
Tarassis: Male hysteria.
Tittery-whoppet: An archaic euphemism for the vagina.
Tribadism: Any rubbing of the clitoris that results in orgasm (usually between women).
Troilism: Sex between three partners.
Uranian: Obsolete word for a homosexual.
Uxoravalent: Only able to have sex with one's wife.
Uxorovalent: Only able to have sex with anyone but one's wife.
Vaginismus: Spasmodic tightening of the vaginal muscles resulting from an extreme aversion to penetration.
Vernalagnia: Heightened sexual desire in the springtime.
Vetanda: A thing that should not be done.
Wittold: A man who knows about his wife's infidelity but does not care, or is satisfied with the situation.
Yaldson: The son of a whore.

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