October 26, 2015

[Writing Challenge] 30sexyfics | Parabellum - Sparrow

Found here.

A sexual incident of some kind must take place in each fic. These do not have to be heavily detailed or pornographic. The character(s), pairing, or threesome in focus do not have to be the ones involved in the sex.

Theme List #1: Standard Themes

1. pent up frustrations 2. waiting for you 3. filling five senses 4. trapped, imprisoned, and/or bound 5. getting carried away
6. we shouldn't and/or we can't 7. can't help thinking about it 8. visually appealing 9. please don't and/or please do 10. for you, I would
11. "Pervert!" 12. perfection and/or flaws 13. unexpected guests 14. the first time and/or not the first time 15. student and teacher
16. an interloper and/or a third party 17. hard to get 18. simple pleasures 19. "I'd eat that ____ off his/her ____." 20. keep the light on
21. touch 22. "Just what did we do last night?" 23. the art of seduction 24. forbidden territory 25. SEX NOW.
26. Does this come with a manual? 27. taking responsibility and/or shotgun wedding 28. a shower and/or in the rain 29. what we are together 30. the ultimate expression or love is cheap

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