July 31, 2014

[Reading Challenge] ARC August 2014

ARC August is a reading challenge/event hosted Octavia at Read, Sleep, Repeat. According to her,
I wanted ARC August to be a month full of encouraging other folks who were drowning in ARC’s (and some who weren’t) to put some sort of dent in that pile. A month for us to focus on getting through those ARC’s, but also have some fun. And this year will be no different!
And if anyone's drowning in ARCs they haven't read, it's me. Clean Sweep ARC helped, but I haven't done much reading since then, and it's time to kick my butt back into gear.
If you're also interested in participating in ARC August, check out the sign up page here.
As for me, I read pathetically few nine ARCs (and twenty-two books total) during Clean Sweep ARC back in May, so I'm aiming higher this August. I'll definitely be reading the following twelve books...