February 4, 2014

[Book Review] Fox and Crow Are Not Friends by Melissa Wiley

Fox and Crow can agree on two things: their love of cheese and loathing of each other. These cagey animals will do whatever they can to outwit their sworn enemy and claim sole possession of the prized cheese they keep finding. But they are too caught up in their plotting and planning to realize they've picked the wrong house to steal from—since the mother of the house is one fed up Mama Bear who knows exactly how to contend with freeloaders.

When fox steals crow's cheese, crow vows revenge. When crow enacts vengeance, fox vows revenge, as well. When fox gets revenge on crow, he discovers that Mama Bear isn't happy that he's stolen her cheese to do so--and she has no intentions of joining their silly prank war. Fox and Crow Are Not Friends is a cute mash-up between Aesop's The Fox and the Crow fable and Goldilocks and the Three Bears. It's not the most fascinating book by far, but it's a good bridge between picture book and chapter book, and children (and parents!) familiar with the source material being adapted/expanded should find it particularly entertaining.

If you're somehow not familiar with either of the aforementioned classic stories, you can read The Fox and the Crow here and Goldilocks and the Three Bears here.

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