January 30, 2014

[Book Review] Claw The Giant Ape (Beast Quest, #8) by Adam Blade

Everyone in Avantia knows the terrors of the jungle: creatures that pluck men from the ground and eat them whole: plants whose rich scents could overwhelm a person at twenty paces. Few dare to enter--and fewer still return.

But Tom has no choice. The next stage of his journey lies at the very heart of the jungle, where a terrible creature resides, evil as the wizard who created him.

Claw the Giant Ape is the eighth installment of the Beast Quest series, Adam Blade's extremely long and ongoing series about two children's quest to save Avantia from the Beasts that threaten it. So far, we've seen the series shift from a story about Tom and Elenna struggling to free the six Beasts, Avantia's protectors, from the grasp of a wicked sorcerer named Malvel to a series about their quest to destroy six news Beasts created by Malvel. So remember when, in my Ferno the Fire Dragon review, I wrote
If you, like I, were worried that Adam Blade's Beast Quest would be an extremely black-and-white adventure series about children pointlessly slaughtering Always Chaotic Evil "monsters", you can stop worrying.
Well, I was wrong. It's become exactly that, and I'm extremely disappointed. Hopefully once this particular six-book mini-quest is complete, the series will shift back toward rescuing instead of slaughtering. Otherwise, I'm probably not going to stick around.

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