November 18, 2013

[Book Review] Disney's Tangled: A Dazzling Day by Devin Ann Woosted

A Dazzling Day is a picture book adaptation of a particular segment of Disney's Tangled--specifically, it tells the story of Rapunzel's birthday, during which Flynn Rider introduces her to the city before the annual lanterns are launched. It's a really cute story that elaborates a bit on one of the more emotional segments of the movie. It's a little obnoxious to read only because it plays with the text to match the story--getting kind of floaty when describing the lights in the sky, wavy when describing music, twisty when Rapunzel's hair is braided, etcetera, etcetera--but I'm sure that's the kind of quirkiness that the book's audience will likely find fun.

Definitely recommended to fans of Tangled and the Disney Princess franchise.

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