December 19, 2012

The Skeleton in the Smithsonian (Capital Mysteries, #3) by Ron Roy

The Skeleton in the Smithsonian (Capital Mysteries #3)The Skeleton in the Smithsonian by Ron Roy

My rating: ★★★☆☆

Now that's more like it! This installment brings back the Ron Roy plots I recognize: a simplistic yet enjoyable mystery aimed at children and utterly devoid of any inexplicable science fiction elements. It's also the installment that sets the Capital Mysteries series up on the path it'll follow through the subsequent books.

In The Skeleton in the Smithsonian, a man named Leonard Fisher and his attorney, Mr. A. C. Rook (ain't it punny, guys? ...guys?), claim that Fisher has recently discovered himself to be the long lost heir of James Smithson. Now Fisher is claiming that as Smithson's heir, the fortune--and, by extension, the Smithsonian itself--belongs to him.

It's a simple mystery for early readers, a return to the tried and true formula of the A to Z Mysteries series with the added bonus of introducing the USA capitol to children.

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